The greenest island in the Aegean Sea!!! Skopelos is one of the islands of the Northern Sporades.

Mamma Mia! The movie Mamma Mia was filmed September 2007 here on Skopelos Island. A very successful movie all over the world because of the breathtaking beauty of the island. These are the magical places where many scenes of the film were shot.

KASTANI BEACH Fascinating beach West of Skopelos, well known from the movie us Donnas beach! Here many scenes on the sand, bar scenes and at the makeshift jetty scenes was shot.The designers team build for the needs of the film both bar and the jetty. AMARANDOS …the 3 trees. Just before Agnondas there is unpaved road heading to the small peninsula island called Amarandos.The last part to the 3 trees must de done on foot along a path leading through the forest. The name “three trees” was found by one of the filmmakers the famous pick-nick and the Villa Donna path were filmed here. AGIOS IOANNIS After 200 steps to the top of the 100m tall rock you will find the famous chapel. The tradition says that a fishinair from Glossa was returning at night and he sow on the top of the rock a light. He noticed the same light every night when a woman came in his sleep and she revealed to him that there was a holy image on the top of the rock to be found at the same place the light was glowing. When he climbed the rock he found the holy image and he took it with him home. Every day the image was back in place on the top of the rock. After that it was decided to build the chapel of Saint which name is celebrated every August 29th. Below the rock is the idyllic setting of the weeding escort arriving and where “Donna and Sam” interpret the amazing song “the winner takes it all”.