The greenest island in the Aegean Sea!!! Skopelos is one of the islands of the Northern Sporades.

MASSAGE HESPERIDES Relaxing Body Massage All you have to do is to relax. GRAPEFRUIT PLUS Energy Body Massage. Tone your body with well-being and vitality. GOLD & GINGER DE LUX Body Massage Whatever shines is not gold.That’s yourselves!!! Taste the luxury… NOURISSANTE Face Massage When the stress and negative thoughts are reflected in our face,there is way to expel. We can arrange and offer you the luxury to enjoy your massage treatment in your room or for those staying in a bungalow, even next to their pool. FACE TREATMENTS RED GRAPES Give your skin the food really needs… SKOPELOS HOLIDAYS DE LUX BEAUTY Maquillage Manucure Pédicure Hair Dresser BODY TREATMENTS CHOCOLATE MASSAGE A treatment specialized in removing muscular tone and spasms from nape and shoulders. The mild gestures of the moderator will help you get rid of intensity in these parts of the body. MUD TREATMENT Give the oppurtunity to your body to taste the magic feeling of the sea and the summer time… SKOPELOS HOLIDAYS DE LUX Midas Treatment… “ Everything you touch becomes …Gold ” The myth became true.Offer your body the luxury of the 24carats gold and the ginger. Enjoy … HYDROMASSAGE The absolute feeling of relaxation and resting for you and your beloved persons. A great romantic “rendez-vous” for two,with a cool coktail and under the sound of chill-out music. SAUNA A visit in the sauna is not only beneficial to your wellbeing but also holds health benefit aspects. A good sauna visit helps with necessary body de-toxin – intensified with our special de tox lotion – and the immune system is strengthened by the rapid hot-cold temperature change when combined as intended with cool showers every 10-15 min.